My Magazine Collection

Today I started to tidy my room up a bit…and I probably would have finished if I hadn’t found a way to procrastinate.

All over my room were piles of magazines, either thrown on my bean-bag or shoved in a box somewhere, and in all honesty I was a bit confused as to how I had managed to collect so many.

Then I went through them. While I would like to blame my university course for the sheer volume (after all I do study Magazine Journalism and Feature Writing) but it would be a complete lie.

My course is responsible for only a few of them, the main reason I have so many is because I like to hoard things. Here’s a list of the categories I managed to divide them into:

The ones I’m throwing away.

I know it doesn’t look like too many to be throwing away. But it was hard enough letting go of these, not to mention the ones I’m actually keeping. I think both piles might actually be a similar size.

The ones I’m keeping.

There is no way I’m giving these ones up, well not yet anyway. You’ll see why later. Anyway, these ones are all ones I enjoyed and can’t quite bring myself to dump in the bin.

I was the poor sod who had to edit a business magazine.

As part of my second year everybody was divided into a group and we had to choose a type of magazine that we wanted to edit. I got to the list of magazine kind of late and the only ones left were Business or Sport. And since I’m lazy and not fond of any sport (aside from a mild interest in rugby) I opted for business. Needless to say all these magazines were really expensive and I’m actually kind of glad to be rid of them…I understood nothing they said!

My uni course encourages reading different ones.

Yes, I owned a copy of GQ, it is in the bin now though. I did have many more but got rid of them earlier….including an issue of Loaded. Dazed and Confused is a really weird one but I decided to keep it because it’s so obscure…and perhaps because Daniel Radcliffe is on the front.

I used to like the music magazines.

I want to be a music journalist. I love music, it’s brilliant and life would obviously be so boring without it. But Kerrang! and NME have become so dull and boring. I stopped buying them after a while and tried a few others like Classic Rock, Metalhammer and Big Cheese. But it was this next one that I fell in love with…

The one I subscribe to.

Wired has got to be one of the most interesting magazines I’ve ever read. It writes about anything as long as it’s something that might affect the future. I was going to take science and technology journalism in my third year but only two other people put their name down and it was cancelled. So yeah, after I read my first copy of it (the pink one on the left) I was hooked and subscribed for 12 issues. No way I’m putting these in the bin, they’re just too damn good.

The covers draw me in.

These have the cool lenticular 3D things on the front. I couldn’t leave them on the shelf when they were following me where ever I went! But now they’re binned. To be perfectly honest I’m not even sure I read them.

My friend bought me some while he was on holiday.

Well these are awesome. Do I understand them? Of course I don’t, it’s just the whole novelty of having something that I always see in another language. If that isn’t a reason to hoard then I don’t know what is!

And some of them I get because I’m a massive fan of something.

Even I didn’t know how many magazines with Harry Potter stuff in I had. But I’m a massive Harry Potter geek, I don’t deny it but I probably should…I am 20 and it might seem a little odd that I have all these magazines and my room has Harry Potter posters all over it. However this isn’t even the extent of my collection, the next lot can be blamed on the same friend who gave me the foreign versions of Kerrang! and Metalhammer.

And some because the last Harry Potter premiere was the day before my birthday, so it was a cheap present 😛

My birthday was the day before the world premiere of the last Harry Potter film. I went to it and spent the day in the rain (I fell over in a puddle at some point) but it was amazing all the same. And mainly for the memories of the day I can’t quite bring myself to do anything beside keep them. Plus it’d be pretty rude to throw away a birthday present.

So, I ended up going through all of them and I think I have about half left. As for my bedroom…I guess I can tidy that tomorrow.


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