So, I saw Hanna Last Night… Wow

Ok, so, I know Hanna came out in the cinema ages ago, but I saw it for the first time last night. I expected good things.

But I certainly didn’t expect those things to surpass good, speed by great, shove excellent aside and settle firmly and comfortably on brilliant.

The acting was brilliant, the camera work was brilliant, the storytelling was brilliant (even though it was about a girl going out and killing people an innocence still remained). But the music was phenomenal.

I was completely surprised when I found out that The Chemical Brothers were responsible for it. The only song of theirs I ever liked was Galvanise and even that grew thin after a few listens.

But there are so many scenes that are underlined and enhanced by the soundtrack. Hanna’s escape from a CIA facility could not have been better. She marched out with a confidence that you would not expect of a young girl being hunted by dozens of armed CIA agents.

And yet, despite the obvious talent of the young actress (Saoirse Ronan) the things that made this scene so brilliant were the track (Escape 700 I think) and the kaleidoscopic camera work. They clash with each other and work well together to create one of  the best scenes in the film.

Although it’s all a fantastic listen there are only a couple that you have to hear no matter what. One is the afore-mentioned Escape 700 and the other is Container Park.

The latter blew me away. I know that sounds really dramatic and kind of stupid, but it’s true. Jumping around on containers and running away from gun-toting henchmen from now on always needs that track.

I’m not sure what makes it so amazing, it might be the intermittent subtle beats that almost seem to echo around the container park or perhaps the desperation that seeps through even without the action alongside it.

The genius behind what The Chemical Brothers has produced is that it shouldn’t work. It’s not the sort of music you think would work well in a film like this. But now that I’ve seen it and heard the music I’m pretty sure nothing else could compete.  

I still wouldn’t call myself a fan of The Chemical Brothers but in the future I won’t dismiss them nearly as easily as I usually do.

Also… Hanna is definitely one of the better films I’ve seen this year.

If you like films I have a post about animation and if music is the thing you like there are quite a few posts inluding Marina and the Diamonds, Gideon’s Demise, Little Fish and Florence and the Machine.


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