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Third Year Is Terrifying.

So I headed back to uni today, just for an hour and a half long meeting. In which the year was outlined. To me it sounded a lot like misery and hard work. Continue reading

Writing From A While Back.

I’ve decided that today I will share with you some of my writing. I haven’t only just written it, I’ve had for a while. I wrote it while I was at college and shared it with the creative writing group I went to at Wednesday lunchtimes. Continue reading

What Wired Has Taught Me This Month: 1011

Okay, so I thought I should share with you some of the awesome but random facts my favourite magazine shares with me every month. I’ll be starting off with the October issue first (it’s a monthly magazine and they always release them the month before). Continue reading

Any One Book

So I brought this up a while ago but I’ve finally finished the book I was reading and can now focus on this.

Any One Book will be a sort of reading corner, every month a book will be chosen and in that month I’ll read it and review it once I’m finished. I also invite you to take part so that when we’re done we can discuss it, you know, a bit like a book club.

As of next week I will be ordering some books, probably River God, One Day and the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and I already have Castle Of The Carpathians which I have been meaning to read for a while.

Either way, if you want to join in and have an idea of a book you might want to start with, it could be one of the ones mentioned above or one of your own suggestions, feel free to comment below.

The first Any One Book will be starting on October 3 which naturally means that whatever book we choose we aim to finish November 3.

I Have The Music Videos

This will be the first of several posts today. They’re largely unimportant (not including this one, I’ve been promising it for over a week). Expect about three or four (including this one) but like I say don’t fret if you miss them

Anyway to the point!!  Continue reading

Bad News, Twilight Has Finished Filming…..Wait, Did I Just Say Bad?

Finally the sun has dawned, finally the long, long night has been banished and this bane will soon be gone. No longer will we have to be blighted by the three most boring, unemotional and tiresome faces to ever appear together. Continue reading

There Are Some Odd Days Out There Continued…

Lauren Lopez as Draco Malfoy

Image by sermoa via Flickr

I was invited to another one. Now it is odd and might just be completely bizarre to somebody who doesn’t know where it comes from. Continue reading

Damn You Labour.

Ed Milliband MP speaking at the Labour Party c...

Image via Wikipedia

Flicking through my Facebook newsfeed I have once again been reminded why I hate the Labour Party so much.

Continue reading

Dale Farm.

Today quite a big legal fight will be coming to a climax. I didn’t know too much about this, but I put on my journalist cap and did some research so I could bring you all something about it. Continue reading

Sorry State

Ladies and Gentlemen and fellow fans of Little Fish. Today I must break to you some sad news. Continue reading