Books and eReaders

Yes, I’m afraid that I’m joining in the argument. It’s something I feel strongly about and I’m very much aware that I’m on the losing side.

The reason I’m chiming in now is because my friend (who hardly ever reads) recently bought a Kindle and every time I’ve seen him since (which admittedly is only twice) he’s been trying to convince me they aren’t all bad.

Seriously, you’d think he was a door to door salesman or something with the way he goes on about them.

I get the appeal of them, they’re a lot smaller than books, easy to carry around and probably better for travel. Not to mention that eco-friendly thing they’ve got going for them because they don’t require paper.

But I am and will always resolutely remain a book person. I love the smell of them, I love the feel of them and I even love the weight of them in my hands. When a book gets all dog-eared and stained it adds to the character of it, it shows (despite its state) that it has been loved.

A book can bring back a lot of memories and I don’t see how an eReader can. For example, when I see the Narnia books it reminds me of when I was little and I was sat in the front room with my mum, she had one version of the book I had another and we would share the characters out between us and read it together.

But if I were to see it as an eBook I doubt very much that the same nostalgia would rise within me. So yeah, there might be a lot of advantages to carrying around another piece of tech that will probably soon become a staple of society.

It might be preferable to carry around a small electronic device than a bag full of back-breaking university books. But it just isn’t the same. There’s no personality to it, no history. Everything tha makes a book wonderful has been stripped away.

I would always rather see bookshelf upon bookshelf full of books rather than a lonely Kindle idling on a side table somewhere. But what about you, where do you stand on this?

If you’re interested in posts about books I’ve spoken about KelleyArmstrong.


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