Epic Win or Epic Fail?

Sorry Armstrong, it's an Epic Fail

A couple of weeks ago the BBC aired a new programme called Epic Win. Obviously they’re trying to reel in the younger audience otherwise their use of idiotic slang has no other excuse than they simply ran out of ideas.

  Anyway, the basic premise of the game is as dumb as its title. The people in charge scour the country to find people with the most useless talents ever.

And I mean useless, one show went from a butcher who could tell different types of meat apart using only his feet, to a woman who could name John Travolta films just by being shown a photo of his hairline.

So, not only does the show encourage rubbish language skills but rubbish skills in general.  If the challenger can overcome the ridiculous task assigned to them they not only win a rather tacky and delightfully disgusting Epic Win trophy but they get to go to the Epic Centre (see what they did there) and try to guess the price that the three judges valued their talent at, each judge can award up to £1,000.

If the challenger guesses under or on the exact amount of money then it’s an EPIC WIN for them. If they over value themselves then they leave with ZERO POUNDS.

However if the challenger fails to complete their task at all then they have to walk through the Epic Fail door. Either way they’re asked to humiliate themselves and there’s no guarantee that they’ll get any money for it anyway.

There’s really only one reason to watch it, and that’s Joe… or John…whatever he’s called. He has a voice reminiscent of Peter Dickson which adds the only humorous bit of stupidity to Epic Win.

BBC have been letting a lot of drivel onto their once prestigious channel and now it’s stating to get clogged full of crap. I mean, what the hell was Don’t Scare The Hare. Obviously must’ve been the same brainiac that made up this pile of rubbish.

Alexander Armstrong presents the show, and honestly I expected better from him. There is nothing to redeem this show and to be perfectly honest I’m glad sitcom Miranda will be moving onto BBC One later for its third series, at least something of quality will be on there soon enough, because this is more than epic, it’s a major fail.


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