Omnioculars Are Real?

This is one for all the Potterheads out there (like me) and also for all the technology buffs (not like me but I can try to pretend to know what I’m talking about).

Sony, who just so happen to be the ‘Chosen Ones’ when it comes to J.K Rowling (after all she will be releasing the Harry Potter ebooks through them and they are partially responsible for Pottermore) have created a pretty awesome bit of tech, the resemblance of which is strikingly similar to the omnioculars from the popular series.

Now, for those of you who don’t know too much about the Wizarding World, omnioculars are brass binoculars covered in all sorts of dials and buttons.

They work like normal binoculars but they also enable the user to slow the action down or to pause it completely, they also offer instant action replays and play-by-play commentary, describing the sort of moves (like the Wronski Feint) that the Quidditch players were performing.

Of course there’s no way Sony would have been able to replicate them exactly but they seem to have tried their best.

The Vinoculars, as they’ve been dubbed, can pause, rewind and rewatch whatever you were viewing moments before.  You also get the choice to record whatever is happening in front of you in either 3D or normal video.

Considering they’re  based on binoculars it’s a pretty amazing step forward in technology. Of course the main thing I think they might be used for is bird watching, a far cry from Quidditch, which kind of takes the excitement out of the product.

Of course with the price-tag expected to be at £1,800 when they go on sale in November they’re not something I’ll be getting anytime soon.


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