Kelley Armstrong- The End is Nigh for the Women of the Otherworld

The Women of the Otherworld collection...I think I leant Industrial Magic to someone though.

Kelley Armstrong is a Canadian author and she is responsible for the best-selling Women of the Otherworld series. She has a few others a well but this one is 13 books strong with one more set for release next year. As such I’ve followed the story for a very long time and will be sad to see such a great plot with so many colourful character end.

At the beginning of the month the 13th instalment, Spell Bound, was released. It follows directly on from Waking the Witch and focuses on Savannah Levine, a witch, as she tries to discover the reason for her missing power and in doing so uncovers a group of supernaturals who believe the time is ripe to reveal themselves to the mortal world. 

It’s one heck of a story and it is nice to see Savannah leaving behind, for the most part, her aggressive and arrogant self. The book smells amazing too, which is always a plus.

However there is a sense that Spell Bound is really the calm before the storm, all the major characters have been put in place but old favourites such as Elena, Clay and Paige aren’t given much to do. Hopefully this will be remedied in the upcoming season finale.

I for one have my fingers crossed for another Elena book. While one of Armstrong’s strengths lies in developing a healthy port folio of extremely likeable characters there remains a soft spot for her very first heroine.

I can’t help but feel as if the werewolf is the most highly developed character. She’s witty, highly protective, hopelessly in love with Clay and set to become Alpha of the pack. And with Kate and Logan growing up it would be especially nice to see some more of  her motherly affection come into play.

Not only this, but it seems apt for the series to end with the character it started on. There would be a proper sense of closure and the whole story would have come full circle. In Bitten she was drawn back into the world she so desperately wanted to escape and in the finale she may be fighting tooth and nail to protect that very same world with all her might.

Although the Otherworld series is one of my favourite stories, knowing Armstrong I won’t be feeling bereft for long. She has a habit of releasing about two books a year and her other tales tend to be just as entertaining as her main story, especially The Gathering which has introduced Maya who is, in my opinion, one of Armstrong’s best characters since Elena.

If you like books that deal with the supernatural or even crime investigations then you should give the series a go. Every few books or so the main character changes and while that can be off-putting once you let go you’re rewarded with a character who has as much depth as the one before her.


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