Florence and the Machine- What The Water Gave Me

I have been waiting for something new from Florence for ages. Lungs was phenomenal and so was her performance at the BRITs, but she’s been a bit quiet since, I assume to focus on the new album.

But today NME posted a link on their Twitter leading to their website on which you not only find a gallery of photos, an extract from her interview with them but a brand new Florence and the Machine video for a brand new Florence and the Machine song: What The Water Gave Me.

Immediately you’re struck by how similar the sound is to her debut but, at the same time, how entirely different it is. I think the biggest reason for this is that while the harp has remained a staple of her music the guitar has been introduced. Thankfully it’s quite subtle and doesn’t overpower her vocals or the rest of the music created.

Another trademark of Florence and the Machine would be the haunting vocals and lyrics and it’s pleasing to note that they too have found their place in What The Water Gave Me.

I for one am looking extremely forward to the new album, no matter how long it takes because I doubt very much Florence will let it be any less amazing than Lungs.

You can listen to the track here: http://www.nme.com/news/florence-and-the-machine/58799


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