Waiting for Pottermore

As a die-hard Potterhead I jumped upon the chance to get an early access Pottermore account. When J.K Rowling first announced the launch of the website it was exciting and amazing. Just as the film franchise was coming to an end she gave us something else to look forward to.

 Not only would we be able to take part in the story alongside all of our favourite characters but we would find out more about everything. Succeeding in getting an early account was just as amazing as the video announcement. But has anything happened since then?

No, not really.

Of course I’m waiting patiently to be sorted (I’ll probably be a Hufflepuff but I would prefer to be a Ravenclaw) and to get my wand (I have no idea what that’s going to be like), and it’s a wait that has been made easier by a Pottermore Facebook page.

Not only is it reassuring to know that there are so many people waiting for the exact same thing but it’s also a fun page to be on. Several people start several quizzes, some post anagrams to solve, others speculate on what Pottermore will hold for us all and conversations about the books, films and A Very Potter Musical are struck up.

It’s an awesome way to pass the time and, I have to admit, that I’ve taken to spending more time on the page than on my news feed.

Of course now that some of the welcome emails have been sent out (a dismal amount if you ask me) there is always the chance of running across spoilers.

The best thing about it though is something that struck me while I was at the premiere for the last Harry Potter film, it’s amazing that so many people from so many different places are congregating in one place.

So while I can’t wait to be sorted properly or get my wand or devour all the new information Jo is happy to share with us, I’m happy to remain patient as long as the Facebook page continues to be its wonderful self.

Of course that doesn’t stop the overwhelming urge, that crops up on occasion, to check my inbox with the dim hope that finally I’ll find an email that means I’ll no longer have to wait for Pottermore.


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