Little Fish- Wonderful

I should probably start this post by saying I am a massive fan of Little Fish ever since I heard of them last year, since then I’ve had the fortune to meet and interview them. They’re debut album, Baffled & Beat, is something I never tire of and so is their Fish Bowl EP.

In fact, one of my favourite tracks of theirs comes from the EP. It’s called ‘Disco Feet’ and it’s just a really happy tune. The chorus has a light and airy feel and Juju’s vocals are exceptionally raw which just seems so right for it.

 Usually I’m drawn towards the slightly more depressing tracks, there’s just something about the haunting and brooding vocals that are so often found in them that I just love, but ‘Disco Feet’ beats them back into a dark shadowy recess and shines brightly promising many happy repeated plays.

But what does this have to do with ‘Wonderful’? Well, recently Little Fish released an amazing video to accompany the song and although I’m a huge fan and I love everything they do, there’s a little twinge of disappointment every time I hear it.

This is because the band have taken the verses of ‘Disco Feet’ and added a new chorus which doesn’t include the fantastic ‘oooooh’s’ and the almost carefree lyrics that gave the song such a light feel.

Instead they’ve added something with meaning, which is awesome, but it has changed the whole feeling of the track.

This is not to say that I don’t like ‘Wonderful’ I think it’s ….well, wonderful. The video for it is amazing, the stop motion is really good to see in the age of computer graphics and after doing a year of video and film which included a unit of animation I can appreciate how much time and effort it takes to make a perfect stop motion video (something I never achieved).

So while I like Little Fish’s new single I just prefer the version it sprang from.

Please, please check out the video, you won’t be disappointed:

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