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Disney and Studio Ghibli

My meagre collection

Of course, when I was younger Disney was about the best thing there was. I had all the books that went along with the films in a blue Mickey Mouse book stand, I remember having a Mufasa toy alongside Continue reading

Books and eReaders

Yes, I’m afraid that I’m joining in the argument. It’s something I feel strongly about and I’m very much aware that I’m on the losing side. Continue reading

Harry Potter Versus Twilight.

They're a bit battered, but it means they're well read.

Ok, so I wrote this a couple of years ago so it is a little bit out of date, which is why it says ‘wait for the next Harry Potter film’ at the end. I wrote it for a university assignment and got quite a good mark for it. I hope you enjoy! Continue reading

Epic Win or Epic Fail?

Sorry Armstrong, it's an Epic Fail

A couple of weeks ago the BBC aired a new programme called Epic Win. Obviously they’re trying to reel in the younger audience otherwise their use of idiotic slang has no other excuse than they simply ran out of ideas. Continue reading

Omnioculars Are Real?

This is one for all the Potterheads out there (like me) and also for all the technology buffs (not like me but I can try to pretend to know what I’m talking about). Continue reading

Steve’s Job’s Gone to Someone Else

All throughout time there have been people who have managed to change the world in one way or another. Continue reading

Florence and the Machine- What The Water Gave Me

I have been waiting for something new from Florence for ages. Lungs was phenomenal and so was her performance at the BRITs, but she’s been a bit quiet since, I assume to focus on the new album. Continue reading

Kelley Armstrong- The End is Nigh for the Women of the Otherworld

The Women of the Otherworld collection...I think I leant Industrial Magic to someone though.

Kelley Armstrong is a Canadian author and she is responsible for the best-selling Women of the Otherworld series. She has a few others a well but this one is 13 books strong with one more set for release next year. As such I’ve followed the story for a very long time and will be sad to see such a great plot with so many colourful character end. Continue reading

Little Fish- Wonderful

I should probably start this post by saying I am a massive fan of Little Fish ever since I heard of them last year, since then I’ve had the fortune to meet and interview them. They’re debut album, Baffled & Beat, is something I never tire of and so is their Fish Bowl EP. Continue reading

Waiting for Pottermore

As a die-hard Potterhead I jumped upon the chance to get an early access Pottermore account. When J.K Rowling first announced the launch of the website it was exciting and amazing. Just as the film franchise was coming to an end she gave us something else to look forward to. Continue reading